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Top 5 ways to avoid skin cancer in summer

Hi guys, nowadays skin cancer are becoming a prominent disease. This skin cancer can be seen in the people mostly in the summer season. So we have to get ready for the summer to decrease the risk of the skin cancer. Summer is the time for vacations, family trips and holiday tours. Also, summer will bring up many diseases with it, in summer the climate will be very hot and we will feel irritated with the sweat and heat produced in the air. This kind of climate will affect the skin in several ways. The most overwhelming topic is that summer can cause skin cancer and thereby becoming a severe disease.

This will also decrease your beauty and even sometimes causes the death of a person when it is ignored. Sometimes skin diseases will also take deeper routes and cause skin cancer. So we have to prevent it before it comes near to you. So, following I will tell you about what’s the skin cancer is and what are the ways to avoid it.

About Skin cancer


Skin cancer is caused by the overgrowth of skin cells in our tissue. It is commonly seen in the area of north America and other countries. This is malignant and destructive in nature. It is caused by excessive production of skin cells and over ageing of aged cells in our skins tissues. Firstly it will originate from the cells and then go to the deeper layers and if ignored can cause severe problems and even death.

There are majorly 3 types of cancers

  1. Basal cell carcinoma. (Most common)
  2. Squamous cell carcinoma (Originates from skin cells). And
  3. Melanoma (Originates from pigment cells) is rarely seen.

Most common risks that occur in the skin cancer are as follows.

  • Ultraviolet light exposure, from the sun or from tanning beds. Fair-skinned individuals, with blue and red eyes, are vulnerable to this disease.
  • The problem differs from the climatic conditions of the places where the person lives. Depends upon how he is nearer to the equatorial line.
  • Low immunity power or people who are suffering from HIV/AIDs are more vulnerable to get skin cancer.

Top 5 Ways to prevent skin cancer


As we are going nearer to the summer, we have to be well prepared with the precautions to get rid of the fear of getting skin diseases and appropriately skin cancer.

  1. Don’t Expose to sunlight: The summer season will be hot and also releases the heavy amount of ultraviolet rays. So it is recommended that do not expose to the sunlight in the peak times like 11:00 am to 03:00 pm so that you can reduce the risk of skin cancer. So stay in your home in that hours and enjoy indoor games and watching TV etc.,
  2. Wear Protective clothes: Mostly cover up your skin with the full-length skirts or jeans or a cotton blended linen pants and full sleeve tees, so that your arms and legs are protected. And also wear sunglasses which will prevent UVA/UVB rays destroying your skin cells.
  3. Get in Touch with the Doctor: Always stay in touch with the skin specialist and get checked up by him once a year. This will help you to find the disease in first stage itself and make treatment easier with the correct medication.
  4. Watch out yourself: Self-examination will be the better way to reduce the risk of any skin disease. Check daily for any unwanted rashes and other extra moles on your skin so that you can identify the problem quickly and get perfect medication for it.
  5. Sunscreen lotion: This is the first and easiest precaution. Buy the sunscreen lotion and apply it to your body whenever you have to go outside under the sun. This will help you to repel the UV Rays to be entering into our body. Most important thing is that don’t use old or expired sunscreen lotion, buy a new lotion for every summer.


So these are some of the tips and advice for preventing skin cancer, especially in summer. All you have to do is to stay aware and need to take good care of your skin. We hope that you have helped with these 5 best tips to get rid of skin cancer in summer.

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