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How to Build Strong Social Connections to stay Healthy

A human being is a social animal. Man always wants to live with bonding and sharing views and ideas with others. These are called as Social connections. According to some psychologists, maintaining healthy social connections are very important to maintain physical and mental health throughout our life. Poor connections obviously cause severe health risks, so it is really helpful to build healthier relationships will reduce the illness and health risks. It is very important to maintain healthier relationships with the persons in and around your society, to live a peaceful and happier life. And subsequently, you will be gifted with great health till the day you die.


The person in his life experiences different kinds of social collections like wife, parents, children, relatives. At our older ages, everyone will vanish from our life and children will be busy in their own life. So, here the social isolation will take place. By this social isolation, the person experiences the sadness and depression in their old times and their buy effected with several diseases. So, this is the right time to make you strong and maintain a good relationship with the neighbours, tenants or your neighbourhood people, so that you can come out from the depression and lead a happy life.

Health Problems caused by Social isolations

Several Types of research have found that the social isolation will lead a human being to be exposed to the risks of inflammation and increased heart diseases and other health risks. Unfortunately, social isolation directly linked with poor illness and health disorders. These are some risks that are found in with a connection to the social isolation.


  • The decrease in Lifespan.
  • Overweight with larger waist circumference.
  • Higher alcohol and heavy calorie food consumption.
  • Weak immune system.
  • Less time to sleep.
  • High blood pressure and risk of heart failure.
  • High stress and cortical levels.
  • Low physical activity levels.
  • Depression.

How to Build Stronger Social Connections?

So, in order to reduce these risks, each and every human being has to increase their social bonding and also has to maintain a healthier relationship with our neighbourhood, which we say it as maintaining and social connections. You have to build the new stronger social connections day by day to lead your life without any stress at all.


  1. Question yourself about what would make you happy. Focus on what you can give to others rather than what the others give to you. This attitude will connect you with others. Look for clubs, organisations, regular events, and programs connected with your local community centres, libraries, schools, and government centres.
  2. Spare sometimes to spend with the people around you, even when you are busy just give yourself some space to amalgamate with the society and also with nature. Share your ideas and interests with one another. It’ll help you understand each other and they’re by move further to a great relationship.
  3. Just move forward to reach your goals in the life. To reach those goals you have to maintain good relationships with many people. To accommodate with this join in some interactive classes like cooking, yoga, aquafit etc., so that you can interact with different kinds of people and understand the scenario of society and thereby you can handle the social connections with more expertise.


I hope that this article will encourage and push up towards building and maintain good relationships so that you can reach out more and more people in your life, who care about you and loves to spend time with you. So to decrease your health risks you shall have to cope with the society and people and enjoy your life with happiness and grace.

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