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Iron Deficiency – How to Improve your Iron Levels in Your Body

Iron deficiency, we are very familiar with this issue and are mostly seen among women. Especially in the women who are in the child-bearing age. One of the reasons for iron deficiency is “ANAEMIA”. Anaemia is a health condition when their blood corpuscles decrease in the body of a human being and there causes severe illness and even need blood to be transfused into the body at times. This Iron deficiency is the subsequent disease occurs with anaemia.


The problems we see in the iron deficiency are a rapid heartbeat, pregnancy problems, slow brain development and slower growth rate in children. Iron is essential for our body to produce red blood cells. When there is a lack of healthy red blood cells (RBC), there can be health issues such as anaemia. Well, we’ll discuss anaemia another time, but today we will focus on iron deficiency, which many people can have without having anaemia. So the following I will give you symptoms of iron deficiency.

Symptoms of iron deficiency

  • Breathing problems.
  • Fluctuating/abnormal body temperature.
  • Weak immune system/ sensible body.
  • Mental focus and Attention.
  • Lowered ability and performance in school/work.
  • Less endurance of exercise and physical activity.
  • Fatigue.
  • Weakness.
  • Frequent illness,
  •  Particularly respiratory infections.
  • Pale complexion and scales on the skin.
  • Heavy periods in women.
  • Inflamed tongue (glossitis).


Treatment for Iron Deficiency Disease

This problem can be tested and confirmed through the blood test. You have to go to the doctor whenever you feel the above-mentioned Symptoms seen on your skin or in your body. This Iron deficiency will differ from one person to another depending on several factors like age, gender, health etc., are can be reasons to low iron.

This condition will occur because your body cannot be able to produce Iron. If you go to the doctor he will suggest you intake some iron supplements in the form of pills. If your iron deficiency is majorly due to diet and lifestyle then the doctor will recommend you to focus on regularly including high sources of iron in your food., Basically, these are the two most common methods of treatment, you have to decide what id the appropriate treatment for your problem and then consult a doctor. The doctor will consider your health condition and other factors that may be relevant in your case.

Add Vitamin C and Iron to your Diet

Vitamin c  will help you to produce iron in your body, to be balanced on your body. You have to contain equal amounts of both iron and  Citric acid in your body.  so the doctor will suggest you, to have vitamin c and iron added in your daily diet. The food sources of vitamin C combination are orange or pineapple juices, so you are remembering to get your intake of both nutrients.

Iron-deficiency-anemiaYou can also take spinach and other leafy and green vegetables to increase your iron levels while coming to the meat, you have to take beef or mutton liver in your regular diet.


so friends, hope this article about the iron deficiency helped you in maintaining or increasing your Iron levels in your body. By following the above treatment or methods and maintaining a healthy and balanced iron levels in your body. So follow them and get rid of iron deficiency in your body. If you know other ways to reduce iron deficiency you can say about that by using the comment section below. Thank you for spring your time with us.

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